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October 22, 2013



Yes, I've wondered how long it will take my son to be on to me about the Halloween candy. :) Maybe he shouldn't leave it downstairs when he goes to bed.


My girls, who are 10 and 6, are doing a theme this year too. They're both going at vampire cheerleaders, with the younger one wearing makeup that looks like blood dripping from the corner of her mouth and the older one having two bite marks on her neck, where the younger cheerleader bit her before the big game. Their cheerleading costumes are different colors too, which makes it seem as if the younger one bit a rival cheerleader.

Sadly, my husband and I weren't invited to be part of the theme but we're still loving the whole thing.


The other 10% of parents just wouldn't admit it!


What's the point of having children if we can't steal their Halloween candy?

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