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June 01, 2013



I totally get the weirdness of the mom who stayed without at least giving you a heads up that she was going to stay. My six year old was invited to a two-hour party at the home of a classmate a few weeks ago. When I called to let the mom know my daughter would be there I asked if it was okay if I stayed. I explained that my daughter is VERY shy and would be really uncomfortable if I just dropped her off (same daughter was just recently diagnosed by her developmental pediatrician with selective mutism...is that what we're calling shyness these days?)

The mom was great about me staying but I would have felt really weird just showing up at her house and sticking around.

The party sounds fun for the ten and under crew but like a lot of work for you. You're a good sport.


ooooooooooomg. I've never allowed so many for a slumber party. I guess I'm a lame mom! You are braver than I! It sounds as though they had a great time :)


1. that mom is BIZARRE.
2. i run a youth group and i am leaving because the pay is so bad and i will tell you what i will not miss: the lock ins. I like to get in bed by 8 or 830, read for awhile and go to bed early. i do not like yelling at teenagers to shut up already and go to sleep until the middle of the night. sleepovers. the worst. (for kids they are great and everything i guess).


Soul-searing, awful, but fun. I love it. It sounds like the girls had a great party, and 1:15am was certainly late, but not so impossibly late I guess. Smart move on the sleeping in shifts thing.


My takeaway is that I cannot do this until I have a finished basement in which the whole group can sleep/notsleep.

You are a brave couple! I know all the girls loved it.


My daughter keeps asking for a sleepover, I promised her a sleepover party for her 10th birthday. Hopefully I can remember all this by then-great tips. Sounds like your girls had n awesome time.



Miss you! Hope all is well.

Kate W.

Gosh I miss you TOO! Hope everything is ok!

New blog for me...sigh...


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