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May 09, 2013



Love the pixie cut! C is definitely rocking it. As the wearer of a pixie cut myself, I will say that it is easy to manage and as long as I have it cut regularly, I love it!

Amy F

She's so cute!

I totally understand the frustration with people's expectations about that 3rd child. I bought Tim a dollhouse recently and people jokingly asked if I was trying to turn him into a girl. Hello, um no. I got him a dollhouse because every time I pick him up at the Y, he's playing with the dollhouse. And I found an awesome wood one full of people and furniture for $40 and who can pass that up? Both he and Peter have been playing plenty with it. There's probably more jumping off the roof than their female cousin does, but whatever.


I love it even more with the second trim!


Most. Adorable. Hair. EVER!!


Does she like hair clips? Throw a couple of those in the sides and it will A) Keep hair out of her face and B) Accentuate that she's a girl. Win-Win!


Adore the cut - she is so adorable!


She's such a cutie. I hope the "boy hair" comment didn't upset her. My daughter got her hair cut just a bit shorter than C's "before" picture in 3rd grade and some "mean girls" teased her and said she had boy hair. She is now 14 and in the 8th grade, and cut her hair for the very first time in 5 years. (On a positive note, she donated a very long ponytail to Pantene's Great Lengths).


Love it! She's adorable. I like the shorter bangs, too.

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