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May 21, 2013



Our neighbor recently broke his elbow/growth plate (got his cast off today!). His mom wrapped the cast in Glad Press-n-Seal for bathing. Hope C feels better soon!


Paul brought Julia home and told me he thought she was faking. I'm still pissed when I think about it.

No help on the baths, because she went without anything more than a sponge bath for the duration, but I will warn you that it's apparently very normal for there to be some sort of reaction to the cast a couple of days in. She will itch. Lots and lots of baby powder to keep it dry, if needed, and I would also use a blow dryer on low and shoot it down in there.

I'm so sorry for her. I'm so glad for you that if she had to break something, it was an arm.


Oh the poor pumpkin! Ryan's friend broke her arm on the playground on the last day of school last year! What a way to start summer.
I had a waterproof cast, oh, some 17 years ago (broke my wrist at a summer festival, you can judge whether or not alcohol was involved). It was nice to not worry about getting it wet and after my shower I would blow dry the inside. My arm looked fine when they took it off. So feasibly she could still do swimming lessons. Oh and DD had a waterproof cast when she broke her leg at 15 months. I had forgotten all about that!
Hoping for quick healing!!!


Poor baby....Poor Mama, I hope you had a nice drink at the end of that day. I broke my arm at 4 and I remember the bread bag and rubber band. Of course this was cough38cough years ago, so hopefully things have come a long way since then.


Oh, no! You are a good mama. When I was called that Boy#3 had fallen off the top of the soccer goal and was uncharacteristically inconsolable,I had him wiggle his wrist and took him back to work with me then waited another full day before taking him for an x-ray. Yup, broken just below the elbow. Did I mention that I'm NOT a nurse? Turns out editors don't have the same instincts you have.


Aww, poor C! I can totally picture a kid saying, "This is my lucky day!" though. How nice they are at getting over things quickly!


My oldest broke her left arm and ended up needing surgery to have a pin placed in to heal it up. That kinda sucked and we were in a cast for 8 week from Mid-May til Mid-July 2012. Needless to say we had to have a longarm cast and then a short arm cast as she could not have that pin pop out on it's own. I got a GLAD trash bag and then got a hair twistie tie and tied off the top enough to get her hair washed and she just kept the arm elevated... definite PITA!

The time will fly by, and yes be thankful for the broken arm.. my daughter flew off her scooter without a helmet (I was not there, she was with Dad outside) and I kept being so so so grateful it was just a broken arm and not a head injury!

Liz S

I hate the kid vs work decision. Glad that you were able to go get her. I left mine at school when he was stung by a bee because I was thinking oh a little ice and he will be fine. Then the school started calling in a panic. That is how we found out about the bee allergy. :)


Oh crap!!!!! I hope things get better. Beer. You need a beer.(And I dread those phone calls from school. I'm afraid every time I see the number on caller id!)


Oh, yikes, what a day! Sympathy and virtual chocolate coming your way.


YES - go for the waterproof cast (not that you wouldn't, but...). And YES - have the beer that someone else suggested. Sheesh. What a day! You wrote about it so...calmly. Must be the ICU nurse in you. :)


Unfortunately behind on my blog reading. How is C doing now? I hope she's healing well and rocking the arm cast!

The boy broke his foot in the fall and the ER doc thought it was only a sprain, until he looked at the x-ray and I heard him exclaim "Huh!". I knew right then that it was no sprain.

Here's to speedy recovers and easy baths.

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