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April 05, 2013



Have you ever knit in the round at all before? I think magic loop or using two circular needles is less fiddly than using double points.
Maybe one of the mellow bag patterns from knitty.com? There are a lot of felted bag patterns because felting gives the bag structure.
What do you know how to do so far?
What's your ravelry name? Mine is periodicmumbling.


Yes, do magic loop or use two circular needles.

I wonder if more and more patterns get that "easy" tag because people can so quickly look up little videos demonstrating new techniques. Also, once I've mastered something using one of those videos, I tend to forget how anxious/uncertain I felt before I learned that thing.

I only did one bag, and it's felted, and I never carry it, so....Ask me for sock patterns and there I can help you!


I can do both but I have a strong preference for double pointed needles. Strong.

Also, I've seen some wicked fights break out over this issue. It's really a personal preference, but whichever way you learn is likely to become your method of choice.

I think Lion Brand's patterns are more accurately marked. I'd go through their free pattern finder. Love the bag; it came out great.


I love double points, but there is nothing more irritating than accidentally pulling one of the needles out and dropping one-fourth of the stitches in one easy motion. That doesn't happen if you use two circulars, so I'd probably go that direction. Next project for you: socks. I have a little bag in my purse with one always in progress because I am a terrible waiter and this is less mind-numbing than phone surfing when an appointment is running late.


I don't know how to do magic loop, but I think double points are fine, and you will get the hang of them pretty quickly. I'm not sure if these can be used for magic loop (because they are a little fiddly at the joins), but I found this to be a pretty inexpensive way to get MANY sizes of needles--either here or at Joanns with a 50% off coupon. I only use circulars for knitting everything, even flat things. Regular straight needles are too long and difficult to maneuver.


Today Wendy

Magic loop vs dpns: I've used both and have a strong personal preference for magic loop because I'm always accidentally pulling one of the needles out of my work. There is way less potential for needles sliding out and it is practically impossible to lose your circular needle. Also if you're casting on in the round, magic loop is way way less fiddly than dpns.

You can also knit in the round with a short enough circular needle - which is by far the easiest way to go - but I really like the flexibility that I get with magic loop, you don't have to match your needle length to your project size so in the long run I need fewer sets of needles.

Good luck with the bag!


I think circulars are better for just about everything, including knitting flat.

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