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April 29, 2013



I take my allergy meds (yes that is plural) at night so I can sleep off the worst of the "hangover feeling". Zyrtec works pretty well for me but it puts me to sleep. After one caffeinated beverage in the morning the hangover is gone.


Ok, this intrigues me because I too have middle-aged-onset seasonal allergies and think it is THE PITS. Never had allergies before in my life, and got diagnosed last September when I went into the doctor saying "WTF is up with this itchy itchy cold I've had for six weeks."

Anyway, where does the hangover come in -- from the Zyrtec? Claritin has helped me without any drunk/hangover-like side effects. Am I just lucky? And how is a drug holiday going to help you? Curious.


I like Allegra :) Good luck with the yucks!


Yep - zyrtec at night works for me. And helps, too, with the itchy throat feeling when it's wearing off. Better to have that at 3 pm than to have it wake me up at 3 am. :)


Zyrtec makes me feel like I took sleeping pills. Alavert is the only non-drowsy that is really non-drowsy for me. I wear a night guard and hate it too. My TMJ has acting up and giving me awful headaches, but will I wear the damn thing? Nope. I call bullshit right along with you. Getting old sucks.

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