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March 07, 2013



I am not a fan of iCarly. The first season was ok, but on the second season I was pretty unhappy with how the characters related to each other. They get pretty mean and nasty. Then the sexual innuendo stuff started in season 3 I think, and I really didn't want my kids watching that at all. And my kids know all about where babies come from, but I didn't think they needed to see teenagers talking about making out.


Nope, i totally agree with L on this one. Raw ANY meat is grosser than cooked meat, so it stands to reason that raw human would be grosser. I mean, both are equally repugnant, but if you didn't know what you were eating? Raw would totally be more disgusting.


Oh, girl drama! I am not looking forward to it. I had a talk with Elizabeth about it the other day; she's in 2nd grade, and 2nd/3rd grades were my own two worst years, bully-wise. I told her I wasn't even sure those girls MEANT to be so awful---and really, looking at Elizabeth, it's hard to imagine girls of that age were capable of that. But they were, so I was trying to explain what NOT to do, to someone who may or may not even realize she's doing it, and arg.

If they like fighty shows, we've kind of half-liked Teen Titans. That is, the kids love it, and we've so far been willing to have it sometimes on. Another show popular at our house recently is Gravity Falls; that's one Paul and I like too, and it has fraternal twins in it.


Paul just reminded me of Kim Possible and Avatar the Last Airbender. Those are good, too, in the "we're willing to watch them too" way. And have they tried My Little Pony (the new version)? Apparently that is all the rage even with teenagers now.


ICarly was pretty terrible, IMHO. I prefer Power Rangers to that, actually. I am no help because my 9.5 yr old watches what her little brother watches (Power Rangers (ugh), Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).


E & L are getting so tall!
I LOVE iCarley! Much better than SpongeBob when it comes to innudendo humor.


What a lovely day!

I would take Power Rangers over iCarly ANY day of the week. iCarly made my kids sarcastic and cheeky and so we blocked it. Power Rangers just makes them goofballs.


iCarly is verboten in our house. Mostly because the grownups portrayed in it are either stupider than your average paving stone, or completely irresponsible, or both. The level of disrespect my son started giving me after watching a season of that show was phenomenal. Suite Life is similarly banned, and Lab Rats.


I second the recommendation of Avatar (the cartoon, not the movie) and Kim Possible. And I add The Tick (the cartoon), Pinky and The Brain, and Samurai Jack.


As a fellow mom of 3rd grade twin girls, I feel ya with the girl drama starting... I didn't think this would happen for another year (or two) but it has definitely started up this year. Who sits with who at lunch, who plays with who at recess....

We also had a first in the Twin Issue department this week: a classmate told one of my girls that she was just 'back up' to play with since the other twin wasn't available that day after school. And to be honest, I don't think it was truly meant in a 'mean girl' kind of way... I think my girls are still seen (by some) as a Unit, even though they haven't been in the same class since Kindergarten. Let the fun begin!

ps) my girls loved iCarly and while I wasn't wild about it, it beats most of the other shows that are on those channels now! (iCarly has been cancelled - only showing in reruns). Wizards of Waverly place is/was another favorite (also cancelled, also in heavy rotation in reruns I think!)


Since I believe you mostly watch on netflix and our households seem to have similar tastes (Avatar the last airbender and Phineas and Ferb being wildly popular in our house) I would suggest "Drake and Josh" and "Ned's declassified SChool survival guide". There aren't many iCarly episodes available on netflix (maybe only one season?). And I definitley liked the messages in both of these shows better than iCarly. Also both are watchable by adult standards. My girls watched them when they were younger and still stream them now at ages 9 and 11.

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