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March 03, 2013



That is a lot accomplished.

I had that seem fear about HP6 because I was bawling and bawling and the kids were not. I don't think they're sociopaths so probably it's either weird to have your parent reading and sobbing, or there's something about the death that hits adults harder.


Same thing with Half Blood Prince at our house!! My 9 year old is really sensitive to intense scenes in movies so we expected bad dreams or total water works and nada!! Hearts of stone I tell you!


I want MORE relaxation time, too! This week's home-task for me (same reason) is to start repainting all the baseboards and some of the other trim. Gah. I'm going to try to have our shows (DVR'd episodes of some comedies) playing in the background so I can feel like I'm getting half-relaxation. Think it will work? ;)


We moved and then sold our house remotely... I recommend it ;) I cannot imagine how much of a PITA it's going to be to get out of the house every time there's a showing.

Next house we move to, we won't leave til all the kids are in college!

Good luck with the getting house ready :)


You made phone calls. Impressed, right there.


They weren't sad about Dumbledore??!!
Watch your back.

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