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February 23, 2013



Reading the story of looking for E was like reliving what happened to me at a water park. And, we found my daughter in the lazy river as well. That's odd. Wonder if the lazy river is prone to hiding kids??? I remember showing the guard a photo of my daughter on my iPhone in her swim team bathing suit because that was what she was wearing. Thinking about it even now gets me panicky.


WE DID THAT TOOO!!! (well no code pink... my husband knew she was in the lazy river and we just sat there waiting and waiting and waiting... ) It sounds like we went to the same type of place... My oldest loves the MagiQuest game and wishes we had it activiated in our house... we plan on going again when we're stateside! So glad E was fine, but it's SO insanely scary...


We just got back from Fallsview waterpark in Niagara Falls! We went with my parents so there were 4 adults to keep track of one child - and she is too young to go off on her own just yet anyway - I don't want to imagine what those 10 minutes felt like.

I think if I go another time, I'd try Great Wolf Lodge. Being in downtown Niagara Falls was nice, seeing the falls (especially all frozen) was awesome, but the waterpark was a bit disappointing - not much variety in the slides, huge lineups, and the kids fun park had so much water pouring over you all the time that we didn't really want to spend any time there. On the other hand, all my daughter wanted to do anyway was bob around in the wave pool until I finally talked her into going down a slide so I don't think she was the slightest bit disappointed! Anyway, I'm so glad you've blogged about this over the years because it was reading about it here that put the idea into my head, and we had a blast.


Sending you so many hugs, I can't even imagine.


We lost Jay at Stone Mountain like that once. He was three. We were in the candy store, I turned down to Jay to ask him if he wanted a candy apple or a caramel apple, and he was GONE. We did the same thing - decided YES, take action. Park rangers were involved and the whole nine yards. He had wandered off, went up the path to the 4-D theater (which he HATED when we'd visited) and was found by a woman who later SPIT the words to me: "It was very dark and he was all alone and very scared. Someone should have been with him." (Thanks, beyotch. I feel so much better.) I cried the entire two hour drive home. It was awful. All that to say, MAN do I empathize. So glad all's well that ends well.

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