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February 02, 2013



Awesome job on the scarf! Kids are the best to knit for!


If you are unsure about knitting in the round, I'd be happy to offer Skype help if useful. I love to see your knitting projects!


The kids got Just Dance 4 for Christmas, and they were SO CRANKY about it, so I told them just to TRY IT and they LOVE IT. I love it. We have been playing for 20 minutes before bed whenever there's time. SO MUCH FUN.

Do you have a Ravelry account? I'd love to add you to my friend list.


I know you didn't want to share which vacuum you bought but would you be willing to mention the two you chose from? My not-that-old Dyson is falling apart and I just can't sink that kind of money into another one.


Great job on the scarf! Audrey has been wanting me to knit her a scarf for forever. I need to get on that!


Oh, Jody is right that you need a Ravelry account! Go sign up if you haven't already and then friend us both. [she said bossily]

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