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February 04, 2013


Brigid Keely

E might find graph paper helpful when doing her problems. Each number gets its own gridded box and it can be easier to see WHERE the numbers are and where they should be (frex, the zero that often goes missing). Good job on the talking it out idea!


OMG, this really scares me. My first grader is just starting with adding and subtracting double digits. I am trying to make it easier for him and it ends with him crying. He did four pages last night and I was ready to bash my skull in.


Ah, math... when it clicks, it clicks, and when it doesn't, and you're left trying to explain algebraic equations in a non-algebra way to a 3rd grader... grrrrr. Glad she got it. It's a blow to them when it doesn't go well. I admire your patience and praise.

And... I started reading this blog entry an hour ago. You totally got me sidetracked with the braid videos. So pretty!


Check out the kahnacademy.com and look for a video on the lattice method. My Annie was having problems also and i found this video and it helped so much!

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