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February 16, 2013


jen w

I totally hear you on the cake. I used to just throw in the towel and eat crap all day after doing something like eat a piece of cake. Now, I maybe feel a little guilty, but then I try to eat well the rest of the day. No more feeling terrible!! It's a great feeling! I honestly have to log every day to keep myself in check, but it isn't really very time consuming and it has worked.


I'm on the side of thinking you can have 'dates' that are non-romantic. I often say that I have a date with one of my daughters and think nothing of it. It just means we're spending some one-on-one time together. It sounds like you and L had a great time on your 'date.'


Did you ever try freezing your over-ripe bananas and using them to make banana bread? Just pop them in the freezer, peel and all. They can be frozen for quite a while. When you want to make banana bread, thaw out 3-4 bananas and follow your favorite recipe.

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