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January 29, 2013



I love my Dyson, but I got it massively on sale (under $200). I am way too cheap, although the idea of Roomba + cats amuses me.


I have to go pick up my new Hoover WindTunnel this morning. I hemmed and hawed and did the Amazon review dance and then went with the updated version of the vacuum that is dying after eight years. This time, I tell myself, I'm going to replace that HEPA filter thingy every 12 months like they say to.

The thing with the Dyson was, besides the money I mean, I have a kid with bad environmental allergies. I cannot deal with the whole "emptying the collection unit, dust flying everywhere" problem. Nor do I want to then be washing out the collection unit and setting it aside to dry whenever it gets gunky (which in my limited experience/observation, happens a lot). I know many people who rave about their bagless vacuums and Dyson in particular but I also have baskets of unfolded laundry because somehow that last step is a step too far, and the whole "emptying the vacuum" process needs to be easy for me. Which means, bags. Which meant, in this case again, Hoover.

Now I just need to find my receipt so I can go pick it up at Sears.


What are the odds about your work days?! That is crazy. I've been having to juggle sick days and school-volunteer commitments with my work schedule too, and it sucks. I feel ya.


This is what happens when I ignore Twitter for a few days. I bought my Dyson on eBay at their refurbished store. It was over half off a brand new one and I must admit, I love it so!

Liz S

Record snow and freezing rain here in Utah and yet to get a snow day. We don't close for nothin'

Seeing someone else's laundry pile up makes me feel so much better about mine.

Dr. Maureen

Andrew has recently told me that he totally doesn't mind folding all the laundry while he watches TV at night. My life has changed markedly for the better.

Laura K.

I am really, really, really embarrassed to post my unfolded laundry pic...'nuff said. Hope you are vaccuming like a boss! ;)

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