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January 18, 2013



Great job on your mini-placemat! I love the yarn you chose, too.


I know how you feel (although personally I think Char is cute). I call my L Lore or Lulu and love both nicknames but my mom calls her Laurey and I hate it. I nearly didn't give her that name I was so worried about that nickname. I've tried to get her to stop but it slips out from time to time without her thinking... I try to pick my battles but for some reason that gets my goat.


YES. Often on the name blog people will reassure each other that it's fully possible to keep people from using a nickname. And it SORT OF is. But...as you say.


Oh! Another story. One of my boys could theoretically have his name shortened to something girlish; it's the equivalent of him being named Elliot and I guess people COULD call him Elle or Ellie--but we assumed no one actually WOULD, because in the case of his name the nickname is even less obvious than Elliot/Ellie. And then in our New Parents class, the instructor called him Ellie. We were like "Ooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooo"---but then fortunately no one else has ever done it.


Ooooh nickname battles. My eldest is Thomas and people attempt to call him Tom or Tommy from time-to-time and he says to them through gritted teeth..."My name is Thomas, not Tommy, not Tom, THOMAS." (And if you knew him you would know that he is not a Tommy - the kid was born acting like an adult). Ultimately I believe it should be up to the child them self. We are actually quite strict about respecting peoples names in our house - you are not allowed to call anyone a name that they don't like. Our younger two do go by nicknames, Theo (Theodore) and Annie or Banana (Anna).

Also a PJ day followed by a good workout sounds divine. I could really use one of those.


so. i have a name that is difficult to nickname....so when we were picking the names for the kids i specifically considered what the nicknames might be. no one tells you that there will be other nicknames that come about, do they? ha!

and i want a pj day!! i have slippers on in my office today, actually, since the "heater" is blowing air that is arctic!!!


I am not one for nicknames in general. My twins are Miranda and Rebecca. They go by their full names for the most part. We do shorten them on occasion to Randa and Becca. I really and truly do not want Revecca to be called Becky. It sounds too much Ike my maiden name, which I couldn't wait to be rid of when I got married. When people call her Becky, I cringe and throw up a little in my mouth. She is too much of a people pleaser to correct them but I never fail to do it and do it quickly!

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