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January 07, 2013



So cute! Learning even tension is the hardest part; it just takes a ton of practice.

And...um, I don't know if someone told you you could use single layer knitting as a real hotpad, but you'll burn the hell out of your hand. Been there.


I call a hot pad a trivet. And I use a thick pad to pull things out of the oven (thus hot pad). And I have an actual mitt that I call an oven mitt but for some reason I don't like it so I use the pad thing. Regional thing?

I think scarves are a good early project. No shaping, but it's easy to incorporate another color and make stripes. Color changes will be at the sides, which is easiest, and you can make them however long you like.


You are doing very well on the knitting--everyone adds stitches by accident at first!


I'm totally with you on the vacation thing. Besides the mess (Seriously - my kids are amazing mess-makers), i love having my kids at home. We have fun! It's relaxing!


Hats. You make a small scarf, fold it in half, and sew up two of the three seams.


Scarves?! Also dish cloths (and face cloths)--use cotton for those, You could make felted stuff--like bags (which are big rectangles sewn up to be like a purse). Felting is fun because all that unevenness gets felted out!


Dishcloths! Excellent suggestion! I also thought of placemats, something I'm supposed to be making between projects.

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