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January 15, 2013



Kashi brand granola bars are my favorite. Especially the mocha almond ones. Good luck! I am trying to eat less and it's hard!


I like the nature's valley protein bars. Also, have you heard of this place called ravelry.com? It's a great knitting resource.


I totally read that badger book..what is the title!?


That book sounds horrible! Who would write such a thing?

I find granola bars unsatisfying - I finish them too quickly. I am happier eating the things that I might find a granola bar - but deconstructed. For example a bowl of dried cherries (or cranberries), some chocolate chips, some granola, and some nuts. It takes me longer to eat (which means I get more enjoyment out of it) and is healthier than a granola bar. I make up little 1 cup containers of my granola bar mix at the start of each week so I have some quick snacks to grab. I am also fond of an apple and/or a couple of slices cheese to tide me over until the next meal.


I will confess that I only eat granola bars if I make them myself.

And, I totally know what you are talking about with the knit/purl switch. The first time I tried to make a ribbed scarf, I kept adding tons of stitches. I couldn't figure out why for the life of me. I gave up and made a scarf that only involved knit stitches.


i hate the regular luna bars. but the luna high fiber ones? the chocolate/raspberry ones that are like a brownie? LOVE. they come in a yellowish box at target. target's market pantry brand makes a high fiber one thats only 90 calories that isnt bad either. ive also stared loving unsalted cashews and pistachios with dried cranberries as a different, sweet, sorta healthy snack.


KIND bars are great. They're mostly chopped up nuts with honey and dried fruit. There's a dark-chocolate peanut one that is to die for.


I love the KIND bars as well, lots of nuts and fruit, very good and filling.


I like Larabars, the crunchy Clif bars, and crunchy Kashi granola bars.

Julie Johnson

Don't read the Little Match Girl, by HC Anderson. I still get chocked up thinking about it. Also the original Little Mermaid, same author of course! so sad...
Just picked up a bunch of Clif bars for the family, they taste gross.


I can't offer anything on the granola bar front, we have nut allergies in my house so our choices are limited. However, I can suggest Etsy for a lovely Swedish themed plate, looks like they have several to choose from!

jen w

I'm trying to cut back on bars, I used to be a big protein bar (love ZONE bars and like Herbalife bars). I never realized how much sugar I was actually consuming and those usually have quite a bit. I do still eat a few Zone bars a week and those are my favorite. I like the mint, cashew pretzel, and blueberry pomegranate the best. I find regular granola bars pretty unsatisfying and not filling (like a quaker one). One thing I try to do is eat eggs for breakfast when possible. I just heard on TV today that people that eat eggs lose weight faster. I used to eat cereal or toast with PB or something for breakfast and found I was starving an hour later. If I eat eggs I definately stay full longer. My favorite is one of those flat out breads (100 cal) toasted, spread on a laughing cow cheese (35 cal) and put 2 poached eggs on top. Super yummy and filling. I eat it most mornings.


Peanut butter on apple slices is my "hold me over til mealtime" fave. Easy, yummy, has protein and healthy fat for satiation, and no added sugar (unless there's some in the pb). An apple and whole almonds works well on the go, or trail mix in a pinch. I love Gina's idea of deconstructing granola bars -- I bet a lot of the junk-foodiness of bars is due to the goo that holds the ingredients together.


I can call it a hot pad. I'm a tree! I can bend!

I'm pretty sure I just have a plain cotton for our placemats and then I have something sturdier for dishtowels, which of course I haven't even gotten to because there's always something more interesting to make for someone else. Doesn't Roland need a sweater?

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