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November 16, 2012


Kate W.

Linda, I have always loved this blog and it is one of the main reasons I started mine (a LONG time ago)but I just had to tell you that I am loving your posts of your new job transitions! You just seem... very content.
You are proof that not all change is bad. :)

Gwen Papp

Oh my god, Neveah spelled "wrong." You have got to be kidding me. Please don't stop noticing, and telling us about it. By the way, as long as I'm writing, I get totally excited every time you post your Twitter posts from the month. It is almost worth me joining Twitter, just to get your feed. After my twins were born, 5.5 years ago, this is one of the first blogs I started reading. Still a favorite.


I quit working in December of 2008 when my first daughter (of 3!) was born, and I *still* revel in the joy of it on Monday mornings. Almost four years in and it is still something I marvel at.


Ugh. Most of the Nevaeh's in our NICU are spelled wrong too, but it's Neveah. Right now we have a Khordeila (when a family member mentioned to mom it was spelled wrong, she just said "oh, no. I switched the "c" with a "k"." Uh, it's STILL wrong, love.) and a Miracle.


We have a Skiler (female) in 5th grade. In third, my favorite is Exavyier. Yes. Really Exavyier. I can't decide if that's my favorite deliberate misspelling or if Tatumn takes that prize. She's in fifth. One of the joys of having so many kids is seeing all the insane ways parents come up with to torture their children's teachers with names that are spelled deliberately crazy or pronounced nothing like they look. Love it .


I love that you notice things like the 'misspelling' of Neveaha. I find it incredibly sad that I'm often asked how we spell Olivia. How sad is it there there are several 'accepted' spelling of this name?

My fourth grader has an Avrey in her class. I've often wondered if this spelling was deliberate or just ignorance.


Ugh, I roll my eyes at Neveah too.

My Mom has five grandsons, so that evens out your girls :). She always gets sympathetic looks though, oh, no granddaughters..sigh...you poor thing. Drives us insane.

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