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October 31, 2012



I am IN FAVOR of holidays celebrating names! I wonder how difficult it is to become Swedish?


Now i wish that i were Swedish! I want to celebrate name days too!


I heard a thing on a language program on NPR about "wolf tickets"--apparently the original spelling was "woof" tickets, the idea being that the person selling woof tickets is showing a lot of noisy bluster, just as a dog's bark is worse than its bite. But both spellings common.

I am also eager for some typing program reviews. My kids' school requires them to use computers starting in 6th grade but does not teach keyboarding. WHA??? I gather that most kids have picked it up on their own but my daughter still hunts and pecks. (Fairly proficiently, but she doesn't come close to what I consider acceptable, speedwise.)

You don't have to be Swedish to celebrate names days--lots of European countries do it. My Lithuanian family does it too, albeit we have tended to focus on St. John's Day because my grandfather, mother, and brother all have variations of that name, and that particular day falls on summer solstice and is celebrated by the whole country ANYWAY with bonfires, daisy crowns, etc. I think it's fun to get to celebrate with everyone that has your same name at the same time. Hope you enjoy the new tradition!!!


Terrific costumes!!

Amy F

Freaky -- Peter and Leo are on consecutive days! I chose Lucia for my confirmation name -- I know when that is. I could use Amalia and Robin and get other options for me. Oh weird, Daniel is Dec 11 -- apparently we come in pairs in our family. Fun!

The homeschool forums mention Type 2 Learn and Typing Instructor for Kids but none of them are raved over. I think I'm going to have Peter learn to type next summer.


Long, long ago (ok, 20 years ago) my sister and I learned through Mario Teaches Typing. I loved it. Granted, it was when Mario Brothers was awesome, but it incorporates the "video game" idea to get you to learn the home keys and then the rest of the board. I did a quick google search and there were a few that linked to the game, but they require a PC.

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