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September 24, 2012


jen w

the one time I got the flu mist I felt like total crap the next few days. I only do the shot now. My kids have done it without problem though but I try to talk them into the shot ever since.


Gemma had one of those coughs for weeks last spring. There's a tiny part of me that frets and frets (what if it is Something Bad?) but mostly I just get tired. Go Away, Cough.

The kids are due for their second HPV vaccine at flu time, and Wilder had his first asthma attack in three years over the summer, so I'm just having them get the flu shot. Or the flu jab, as they put it in the UK.

True story: I saw a billboard reminding people to "get the jab," and said, "urgh, that sounds so ... violent!" Calder replied, "as opposed to getting SHOT?" Er. YES.


Forgot to say, so sorry you've all been sick. We all got sick, too. But it seems to happen about 50% of the time, when school starts. We might have weakened immune systems.

And Wilder has to get the flu shot regardless. It's whether I spread the pain or not that's up for grabs.

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