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August 24, 2012



At FIRST I thought my favorite part was the rabid lion, or maybe the humming and reading a book. But I think the ultimate winner is: "E had to go into the kitchen before L would go up the stairs."


I don't know, I think I like the part where L was running downstairs wailing about going to a new house. :) Sounds like a trying night for your husband, hope everyone makes it through ok.


I can imagine L watching the end of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble and screaming, "Stay in the bubble! STAY IN THE BUBBLE!"

I can't decide if I feel worse for E, C, or A. All of the above, I think.


Hmm...not too hard to see who the drama queen is in your household! Hilarious, but poor E (and A)!


A really should blog. :)


I just giggled through that entire post, which clearly makes me a very, very heartless person. Also? Poor E! Poor everyone! Lucky you for being at work!


I LOVE getting emails like this at work!



Fun times... Hope everyone has recovered... :)


oh my. My daughter (10) has bad anxiety about puking. If anyone at school does, she is so anxious for weeks hoping she won't get it, and if she does what will happen, where will she throw up, it will be embarassing etc. She thinks about it all the time, esp during the "bug" season at school where there is lots of puking!!! UGH! HOpe the rest of you got by without the stomach bug!

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