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August 20, 2012



Laid-back kids are the WORST for allowing natural consequences. My boys couldn't care less about most natural consequences.

If she comes up with something brilliant, tell her to tell my kids, ok? :)


I had that problem with my oldest last year. He kept forgetting his backpack. I told him that I would not go back for it and that if it was stolen then he would not get a new one - he would be carrying his things to school in a grocery bag for the rest of the year. He still forgot it a couple of times but was much better about it.

I am a big meanie.

Good luck.

Amy Hayes

My son has this issue as well. This year I hung a small whiteboard on his closet door and I am hoping to develop a routine where one of us (ideally, him but more likely, me) will write a quick note as to what he needs to bring each day. Right before we leave the house, he can do a quick check of the whiteboard and make sure he has what he needs. This was not his idea but he was all for it. I do natural consequences as well but my son has ADHD and I really think some of this organizational stuff is beyond his control,at this point. We haven't started school yet here so we'll see if this plan works!


Glad that C is doing well and you have the "all clear" to stop worrying. hahahahahahaha
To make sure that my monkeys don't forget their stuff, I started a routine (long ago!) when it was just the oldest two going each morning. We "line up" at the door before we go. I will say "It is Xday, does everybody have everything they need?"
I post a copy of their schedules (so they can remember stuff like intruments, sneakers, etc.) and a copy of the menu for lunch (so they can see if they need to bring their lunch box or not.) Then I give them a chance to remember it all - and figure it out before we walk out the door. It got them into the habit of checking the schedule, packing their own stuff but gave me th buffer of a gentle reminder at the door. My kids aren't the "natural consquences" type either, but because they are so anxious that the consequences would push them over the edge and nothing would be learned (either school-wise or life lesson-wise!) I think it's all about routine - it takes some extra organization on my part but it's worth it to me.

Liz S

Getting old is TOTAL BULLSHIT! for sure! I am on the running after injury program in PT and its good. But slow. I am back to interval running but at least now I am learning to run correctly which should reduce injury in the future.

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