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June 13, 2012



I am not sure I will ever get used to my Dad being dead, one day I guess. I still catch myself thinking I need to get Dad a Father's Day card for Sunday, then remember he's dead. Last weekend, we had our family Father's Day celebration and I almost expected him to be there. It seems insane to say I forget he's dead, but after having him around 40 plus years, it's really hard to get used to him not being here.


I can't believe it's been six years, Linda. When I stop to think about that, it just breaks my heart for you and your mom.


Do you still pick up the phone to try to call her? It's been three years for my mom and I still find myself picking up the phone to tell her about the funny things the kids did or said. And then reality hits me upside the head, yet again.

Liz S

I am having a dilema about the one year anniversary of my dad's death. I go to an annual conference which I thought was in September but it got moved to October. The weekend of the anniversary. I love the conference a lot. But we already put in to have the Mass Intention for that service be for dad. I also kind of want to be with my family that weekend. So I planned to just not go to that conference this year. But then I found out who was one of the key notes. And I'm a research geek.

At least I have a while to decide. Be home with my sibs and family on a day that is bound to be hard and have me in tears. Or go on with life and do what I would normally do on any ol day.

Losing a parent is 200X worse than I ever imagined. Last weekend I kept expecting him to show up at a party for some friend.

Take care


It seriously doesn't seem that long, Linda. Wow. Time certainly does fly whether we want it to or not, huh? Much love to you on this somber anniversary. At the risk of sounding really sappy (I'm feeling very raw and sappy today), I think she would be incredibly proud of the person and mother you are today and if you're anything like her then she must have been great. Hugs, honey!


Ugh. I am so sorry. I feel so much the same way with my Mom and Dad. 3 years for my Mom, 4 months for my Dad. Thinking of you.



That is kind of sad, when it starts to feel normal-ish without someone you love. Your mom sounds like she was well worth knowing.


Your mother is alive in you and your daughters. And everyday you live your life, and get haircuts, and laugh at jokes, you keep her alive and walking with you.


A is a good egg. Thinking of you.


Even though it may seem more normal that she's not around anymore, it sounds like it's great to have so many great memories.

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