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June 07, 2012



Hey! We have the same first world problem! My husband is landing in 25 minutes after being in Israel all week.

Do you know that for the past month or so your blog has been wickedly small? I usually read it in bloglines but whenever I click through I can barely see it. It's not my computer (although I think I could make it bigger somehow if I were more internet-savvy) because no one else's blog is so very very tiny. Just fyi.

jen w

Crispin Cider if you have it there. Made in MN so it's local for us. Spendy but very refreshing. :) I don't like beer very much either but sometimes I do enjoy a cold Blue Moon with orange or a Summer Shandy.


Ohh, stinky children...I so hear you. My nine year old just started wearing deodorant about a month ago and she's sort of hit or miss with it. She loves to shower but like E seems to forget that the whole point of showering is WASHING and that involved soap. D'oh! I'm trying to hard not to give her issues too but sometimes a mom's got to nag.

Liz S

I didn't like beer until I turned 40. Weird, I know. All of a sudden I love it.


I'm so glad to hear someone else has a youngish kid with stinky pits... I had to get deodorant for my 7 year old recently. I found an Australian brand called Harmoni's Kiss, which is all organic with no aluminium (I am not at all concerned about such things- but she is only 7, so I was trying for a minimalist approach) and I am amazed that it actually works...

Amy Hayes

How about Mike's hard lemonade?


I can't do red wine in the heat of summer (and the only thing that would be more impressive in your white wine story would be if you managed to get a full BOX down). Summery sipping drinks I can do are Hefeweizens, gin and tonics, and sparkling wine/champagne for which I own a special cork thing. I also love margaritas on the rocks but I can't make them and Paul won't agree to hiring a cute cabana boy to bring them to me at my whim, so I'm at the mercy of good restaurants for those.


Try Framboise! My favorite is the black cherry flavor, but all of them are good, really. (I also cannot do beer. I try, and... no.) I also like Mike's hard lemonade but feel like a total tool drinking it, so there's that.


Try Strongbow! It's an apple cider beer. YUM. Also, if you ever do decide you want to try beer... Leinenkugel Summer Shandy is very popular this year (good with an orange wedge squeezed in it). I like Blue Moon (also with the orange) or Bud Light Lime also. I wish I could buy a six pack of pony-sized beers though. I like it in small amounts, and COLD, and I don't drink it fast enough. Good luck!


Oh, OR... I could have read the comments first and just said "ditto jen w" lol


Baz has been wearing deodorant too. I thought he was probably the only 8 year old with B.0. Glad to see he's not. Except, since he's a boy, I don't feel so bad lifting his arm, sniffing and saying "PU! YOU STANK!" And he loves it. :)


LOL on stinky children!!! My daughter is 11 years old and I have to constantly remind her to wash her hair as it gets greasy after 2 days, especially in this heat! Thankfully, she does the soap and deodorant part, but if I could keep her hair non-greasy, that would be a plus!

Have you tried Mike's Hard Lemonade? It's something good to drink out of a bottle. I do love my white wine, so I'm feeling for you on that one.

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