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May 14, 2012



I'm so sorry you lost your mom. That last paragraph was hard to read, I can't imagine how it actually feels - ugh.

It sounds like you had an awesome weekend, and your girls loved you up well.


Last year when my son was in Pre K he said:

My mom is 23 years old. She plays on the computer all day and her favorite thing to do is watch Adult TV.

I shutter to think what his teacher thought about the adult TV.
Glad you had a good weekend.


This week was most likely my mom's last Mother's Day. She spent it in the ICU, septic, so she won't really remember it. This is her third time with sepsis and her fourth time in the ICU since February. I can relate to you missing your mom. I am already missing mine, even though she's technically still here.

Liz S

That is the best kind of Mother's Day. Ours was fine. We went through my dad's stuff and picked out what we wanted and gave each of the grandkids something of his. Then we had margaritas!

Keegan was the best. He bought me a great shirt and wanted me to wear it so I was beautiful. He picked out my clothes and did my hair and makeup for me. For being so rough and tumble. He has a sweet spot.


I feel that way about my sister - she's an addict, and left her husband and 3 kids to be with her alcoholic, abusive boyfriend and their new baby. We were best friends, and now she only calls asking for money. It kills me to see other people with/talking about/mentioning the amazing relationship they have with their sister. Kills me!


Did you see that Michigan is changing their age requirements for Kindergarten? There was legislature several years ago, but it never went anywhere. It looks like it is really happening now. The new rule is going to be 5 by September 1st. Originally, they were going to start the new cutoff next fall, but now it is being phased in gradually (I believe it is moving to 11/1 for Fall 2012, 10/1 in 2013, then 9/1 in 2014). Looks like you made it in under the wire!


45 pounds, really? Max doesn't even weigh that yet. Your kids are really tall, aren't they?


So hard. This is my third mother's day without my mom. After all the years of infertility, then waiting for our adoption, and then losing my Mom, Mother's Day is not my favorite at all. We did honor my mother by lighting a candle, talking about her with the boys and looking at pictures. It was hard. Thoughts are with you.


Sounds like you had as a wonderful Mother's Day as is possible. I can imagine how hard it would be to see the outpouring of love for everyone's mom when you are missing yours so terribly. I am glad that A's mom is so terrific though - it's good for your girls to have a Grandma who thinks they hung the moon.

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