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June 01, 2012


Liz S

There is a mom at my school who is on her 8th child!!!! She is a complete stay at home mom and is always so cheery and excited about the events at school. I wonder if her brain has died from lack of adult stiumation- but she is an excellent mom


Hey Lind,
Do you know what standardized test the girls took? I want to figure out if there is some way I can get one....to see if my kids are actually learning what they should be for 2nd grade. There's no way to know, really, without some kind of standardized test. Most home-schoolers, not all, will say, "That's the joy of home-schooling. You can let them go at their own pace!" But I think that is bunk. I want to encourage my kids to learn what they should be learning, and the "joy" of home-schooling is that only have 3 students, so I should actually have the time to teach them well. (I'm kinda pissy today, aren't I!?) :)

jen w

I doubt there is anyway to get the state tests (for the above poster)but what do I know :)

I wanted to know if they recognize the kids who do not do as "well" on the tests? i'm surprised how much your school recognizes test scores. Doesn't it make the kids who don't do as well feel kind of... inadequate...????

They do not even really tell the kids their scores at our schools here. We either get a letter or email and can look online eventually to see all the standardized test scores. The kids get an "idea" of how they did since some scores get to re-take it again (even some of the better scores retake later to try to get higher - looks better I guess..)

The younger grades do not even know what math or reading group they are in because it is not known which teacher has the "higher" kids. The parents pretty much can figure it out but it is not known to all if they are in a "high" or "low" group.

as a parent of one straight A/high test score kid and one very average/B kid I just wonder about the kids who are just "average". Do they go to these award presentations too??


I feel the same way about the violin and choir recitals; however, I remember as a kid how excited I got for them, so I suck it up, LOL! Right now I'm excited for the end of the school year. No more homework to nag about!!!


"Sometimes you work hard and succeed, sometimes you work hard and fail, sometime you don't work hard and succeed anyway, sometimes you don't work hard and fail. That last one is the least surprising."



Best. Blog. Title. EVER.


I'm totally scattered but I read this when it went live on blogfeed and wanted to say at the time, THANK YOU for posting this, because I thought I had the only kids in America who try to convince me that I'm responsible for their clothing/hygiene/personal care issues. And my kids are ELEVEN.

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