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April 18, 2012





On the Moroccan Oil, the girl that does my hair told me you only need a tiny, tiny amount. She gave me a sample (tiny) and said it could last me a while. I have never tried it, but I think we have similar thick, wavy hair, so maybe I should...


I love the Moroccan Oil in my hair. I found a less expensive version at Walmart. Seems to work just as well in my hair. I could not find a link online, but it is in a teal colored bottle.


Keep us updated on the Moroccan oil. I was just reading about it yesterday. I have used mousse and hair-drying for years to keep my curly hair in check, but I would love to use something a little less involved.


I LOVE my Moroccan oil. it's made me comfortable leaving the house with towel-dried, tousled hair. I don't use the oil anymore (yes, a little does go a long way) because i am getting the same results with only the cream, and, $$$. I do use the curl defining cream, applied to damp hair. I bought the bottle the first of September (same week I started my job, so i remember) have used it every day since then and it's still going strong. (PS my hair is more wavy than curly, but this stuff rocks to keep away the frizz)

Amy F

Regarding being friends with your daughters' teacher -- I live on a weird line because my kids go to the school where Dan teaches. He has taught there for 7 years and this is the 4th year we've had kids there. There are a lot of male middle/upper school teachers and most have stay-at-home wives, so we're pretty normal in that group. The lower school teachers are mostly women who have working husbands. There's a strong dichotomy there already but I did know some of the lower school teachers before our kids started, especially those who have kids our kids' age (there are quite a few. it's a Catholic school) Then my kids started there and we are NOT average. There are literally no families within a 10 min drive -- most are 20+ min west. We earn some tiny fraction of the average family income. The first grade parent party last year was at Peter's teacher's house because her daughter is in the same grade. She has a half-size gym underneath her 4 car garage. It was intimidating. I get along well with the band teacher and the counselor, both of whom have young kids, even though their husbands also work. They're solidly middle class but couldn't afford the school without the teacher discount. I've been reading Peter's teacher's blog for 2 years since she gave birth to a preemie and I knew she was pregnant again months before any of the other parents did and that was awkward.

Anyway, it's a weird place to be and some teachers I would totally be friends with after my kid doesn't have them anymore and some, just no.

Just Me

I have really curly hair. I've had the Moroccan oil used in the salon a few times but haven't wanted to pay for it. I use Aquagae Silkening Oil treatment which works just as well for defining curls as anything I've ever tried. I think it was $13 and you use so little that it lasts forever.

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