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April 26, 2012



I love our snail :) I've named him George but I love Couscous (as a name AND a food!)
As for Kindergarten, my oldest has an October birthday (our cut off is December 1st). He did incredibly well in Kindergarten, not so well in 1st grade (he's at Montessori so it was 1,2,3 grade and some of those kids were WAY older than him!) and is excelling in 2nd grade but still gravitating towards the younger students in his class. I think we'll always run into issue with him socially thanks to his birthday but it has not been earth shattering and his most recent evaluation shows him doing very well academically. Don't worry, C will be fine (plus she has the advantage of older siblings which I believe makes a HUGE difference, my youngest child's teacher cites his older siblings for his incredible vocabulary and desire to learn).

Liz S

Send her, she'll be fine!

i have a running question though. How is your foot doing after resting it? How bad was your fascitis when you decided to take a break and how long was the running break? I seem to be getting a bit but I'm running Ragnar in 7 weeks UGH!


I think that C will bloom in K.

And Couscous is a great name for a snail.

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