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April 19, 2012



Growing up my sister and I each had a goldfish bought for a penny during Meijer kids week. They were in a plain glass bowl with rocks and one sad plastic piece of seaweed (and eventually got moved to a glass flour canister after the bowl broke). Hers lived for 2 years, mine for about 5. Knowing my mother, I would guess the water was cleaned about 1x/mo for a few months, and then more like 1x/6mo by the end. Nothing fancy at all. Maybe you would have better luck with a low-tech solution?

Liz S

I like peanut butter toast but not PB sandwhiches. Don't ask, who knows but its true so I have to agree with the kid on that one.


We have kept betas alive in pretty crap conditions... But all had quite long lives for a fish!

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