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March 26, 2012



Oh my gawd!! Pumping on the swings!!! I have fought that fight and have lost with EVERY child. It is maddening.
I wrote it off as a possible teenage milestone. Your girls must be gifted ;)


My son does everything in his own time too. I still laugh when teachers say "He'll want to do it when he sees his friends doing it". My child does NOT care what anyone else thinks. Here's hoping this attitude keeps him out of trouble later in life.

Amy F

My big kids finally both figured out how to pump last summer, at 7 and 5. I think they wanted to use the swings at school.


My 7 year old is that stubborn kid. Her own ideas, her own timetable, HERS. All the time. But, I keep reminding myself that this strongwilled personality will serve her well later in life - peer pressure? Ha. She'll scoff at it. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
Don't worry about the candy, I have it on good authority that Pez isn't bad for the teeth. Gummies are bad. But with brushing, it's ok.
I had many, many birds growing up. I thought they were all Peter. Turns out, they were Peter, Peter 1, Peter 2, Peter 3...

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