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March 12, 2012



My kids all have sippy cups with water at their bedsides - my hubby keeps a giant glass as well. When I'm not pregnant, I wouldn't have one, but since I don't sleep when pregnant, I end up needing some water during the night.
Love the random questions. And they sound so familiar!


My M is 9 in June and she lost her first tooth in January 2011 and her 8th one last month. Oh, and we are not night water drinkers unless sick.

Flyover Belle

I am dying laughing at L's questions. So many reminders of me as a kid. (This led to too much graduate school, so consider yourself warned...) Has she seen the books like these:
I LOVED them as a kid, and still love the adult versions. (Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything comes to mind...)


Your kids crack me right the heck up. So does mine, for that matter.


Ooh C and her 'chaper' book. If that isn't the cutest thing ever I don't know what is.

Liz S

not a one of us is a sleep drinker. Its such an odd concept to me to have to have a drink at night. The only exception is camping in the desert.

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