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March 02, 2012



You know how to make your friends happy? Have L match them all up with super-well-dressed, beautifully-made-up celebrities at the Oscars. Only it's probably a mom thing. What a great thing to hear from your daughter.

Those cookies sound delish.


A long workout followed by multiple errands, baking with child helpers, cooking for a potluck, sex ed, etc., certainly sounds SHAMEFULLY slothful! You SLATTERN.


Just curious, what sex book are you reading with your girls? I've just started to look for one for my children.

Courtney in Crete

I need a Facebook-style Like button for Swistle's comment.

Courtney in Crete

I need a Facebook-style Like button for Swistle's comment.

Flyover Belle

Hang on just one second here...you glossed right over the s'mores bars recipe. Is it share-able? Well, I guess the FIRST question is, is it good? :) If so, are you willing to share? Sounds like a PERFECT day...particularly given my recent history of working 7d/week to try to stay on top of everything. And failing. Miserably.


1. I agree with Flyover Belle that if you are willing to share I'd love the s'more bar recipe. I bake for my staff every week during tax season (I work them hard to make up for it!) and that sounds GOOD.
2. Also baking related, did you make those malted cookies with crisco (like the recipe) or with butter? And once they cooled, were they soft cookies or harder? Crisco seems to make cookies really hard (to me), but I love the malted powder. YUM.

Amy F

Not sure about Linda's bars, but I can vouch for the tastiness of these smore bars:

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