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February 22, 2012



Favorite line: "I mean, I'm comfortable with my age, but who turns down a compliment like that?"


Sounds like a lovely day all around. We're praying for Arwen and her crew here too. When my twins were 5 months, R ended up hospitalized and M stayed home. Really awful, terrible 4 days. I kept thinking about them all night.

BTW, I say all the time that I'm going to eat my kids up. People look at me like I have two heads, but at least now I know that YOU know what I mean!


Sounds like a great time. I always tell my kids, "I'm going to eat you up with two vegetables." My mom used to say it all the time. The other one I say that I got from my mom is, "I love you, I love you, I love you, I do. But don't get excited. I love monkeys too!" LOL


We have pizza and movie night almost every Friday and it looks just like that with all of them sitting around the coffee table. I really should take a picture of it. We read each HP book and then saw the movie before moving onto the next book. It was lovely and I enjoyed (re)reading the books and (re)watching the movies with them so much. Now that we are done with hat series I am trying to figure out what is next...

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