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February 20, 2012



I'm laughing, but not REALLY at A's smile (although that too, a little), but at how he looks EXACTLY the same in both pics. It's like he did the statue, and the switched out the girls for him. :) The pictures are adorable!

Amy F

I hear ya on pulling kids out of school. My mom felt very strongly that kids shouldn't be pulled out for vacations (she taught high school Spanish for 30+ years). Many months before Thanksgiving of 8th grade, she scheduled a cruise for our family during Thanksgiving week. For years, we'd had school off for all of that week due to conferences. At the beginning of the school year, she found out that there'd been a schedule change and we only had half the week off. She was mortified, but didn't change our plans. I never did catch up with the geology unit I missed but we survived otherwise.

In high school, I had perfect attendance until bronchitis brought me down in April of senior year. I tried to power through it but eventually succumbed. My school gave away a car to a senior who'd had 4 years perfect attendance and I was pretty bummed to go out of the running.


I agree on the school being serious and not pulling them out. Our daughter only got out of one week during 1st grade as her father won a work award for us to go to Disney. Sounds like you guys had a great time!!!!


I am normally against pulling kids out of school BUT when the cost difference of going to Disney during Spring break or 2 weeks later is over $1000 AND the lines are a 1/4 as long? yeah they are missing the week. It's a one time deal though - we wont be going back to Disney for at leats 8 years after this trip!
Oh and my SIL NOT pulling my nephew out of school for 2 days for his great-grandmother's funeral? Kinda wrong in my book (of course we missed it but that's because I was birthing a baby and really wanted my husband there!)


Have you seen the movie Ponyo? If not, check it out, you'll probably like it a lot. It's a favorite in our house.

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