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February 21, 2012



Ooh. I hate the headaches that cause the Bad Mommy to make an appearance. That happens in my house too - my kids have learned that when Bad Mommy does make an appearance, it's generally a sign that Regular Mommy doesn't feel well. They'll be extra good until the meds kick in and Regular Mommy returns.
Glad you let the nutrition slide and gave the kids a donut lunch. It's those little things that kids will remember. They'll be talking it about it forever "remember the time that mom made us go to the supermarket and it took forever? then we had donuts for lunch!" The smiles will be there even 30 years from now!
I'm always impressed with your dinners - I wish that a)I could cook as well as you do and b)I had kids that were adventurous enough to try new things. Unfortunately, I can't seem to cook my way out of a cardboard box and my kids are like my husband - who didn't eat anything more adventurous than meat and potatoes until he was in his 30s. Double sigh.


Ugh, I hate headaches! Glad the medicine worked. The risotto recipe looks great too!


Hmmm, my husband never apologizes for stuff he does in my dreams, he just laughs at me...

Sorry about your headache, I've had migraines since I was a teen and it sucks. I've tried just about everything for mine and nothing really works. Glad yours is better.


I dreamed that my husband left me too! In my dream we had never actually been married, only engaged (despite the 5 children), and he told me the wedding was never going to happen. He was already dating other women he had met at work (3 of them!) but the two men I went out with wouldn't call me back. And! I was pregnant with #6!! And!! He told me I would be just fine on my own with six kids, that it wouldn't be any different from when he came home late for dinner.

I felt so betrayed. :-(

Glad you're feeling better.

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