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December 09, 2011



I've had good experiences with Land's End's uniform pants (which I buy as dress pants for my son since they are hard-wearing and comfortable).

Liz S

My friend just sent me an email and reminded me of something my dad used to do and it made me smile.

I'm still in the very raw emotional sadness of his death but I love to share memeories and talk about him. I'm also so glad that we have an abundance of loving support and people who have good memories as well.

Yes, happy sad is better than sad sad.

Keep sharing your memories with your girls so they have a connection to her.

Kids are great, i asked mine what he thought grandpa was doing in heaven and his reply was "sitting around in his underwear watching TV" Sounds good to me. I rather think he is at the beach drinking a red beer but either way.....


I walked into TCP to find jeans. JEANS. they had none. It was May. They had lots of shorts though. WTH??? I now buy alot of my boys clothes at crazy8 online when they have a good sale and i have a coupon.

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