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November 10, 2011



My FIL has 3 daughters and 3 sons. Two of his daughters have children, 1 girl and 3 boys but they all have different last names because of marriage. I have boy/girl twins. He was extremely emotional when my son was born because he would be the only one to carry on the family name. I disagree with the favoritism, especially since it isn't relevant in a time when many women keep their names, but I think that is the root of some of the need for boys, especially in the eyes of the old folks.

I happen to hate it when people tell me I have the perfect family and I got it over with in one shot. What if 2 isn't perfect and what if I wanted only girls or only boys? People should think a lot more before speaking!

Liz S

I too send friend requests and then panic over the rejection. I had to reject someone recently because it was an employee and i do draw the line at friending them. Because sometime, I say things about work. i try not to but sometimes it happens. And this person was on my sh!t list at the time.


I don't panic about it anymore, but I did at first. Now it's like, it's cool if you don't want too many people in your feed.

I am kind of hurt that my dad won't friend me.

I am not at all hurt that my niece won't.

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