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November 12, 2011


Mrs. Williams

"I went all Caroline Ingalls on those thighs and made chicken broth and chicken soup"~Made me bust out laughing and hungry for chicken soup.


OK, weird. Elle & Anna Sofia are constantly chanting "JINX, you owe me a soda...JINX, you owe me a soda." It's like a little song.

Also, I took pics of them playing in leaves yesterday.

Lastly, I completely understand the gush. Just this morning I was like "OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE, WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT MY BABIES." It's like a volcano...the sentiment lies constant but sometimes it just erupts. Love!


I think that one of the things I most enjoy about reading your blog is how obvious it is that you love your girls and how much fun you have with them. I am still in the young children/baby phase of parenting - which I love - and sometimes feel sad about them growing up, but when I read your blog I think how neat it is going to be to have older kids too.

My sister and I are six years apart in age and frequently still speak in unison - unintentionally. Drives my husband insane how we can still at ages 33 and 27 finish each others thoughts.

Liz S

Love Castle in the Sky, but Kiki is still my favorite. My oldest looked like Kiki when she was about 10-it was her Halloween costume one year

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