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October 26, 2011



Here I thought I was the only parent to toss the crap they think is "SO PRECIOUS". About once a month go home for lunch to an empty house and run around with a garbage can. When I moved E to her new room I had a whole box of crap she has never missed.


I haven't read those books yet. On the tossing away of my kids stuff, my 11yo daughter notices. Just yesterday she saw an old picture of me holding one of her stuffed animals. She asked where it was and said she didn't have it anymore. I'm quite sure I gave it to Goodwill, LOL!

And my nemesis is barbeque potato chips!!!


Oooh, the Shannara books! ME! ME ME ME!

(But only the first three, I think. Then it just got sort of confusing and depressing. I think. It was a long time ago.)

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