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October 11, 2011



We did FluMist this year (first time!) and both kids got a fever a few days later, although they didn't seem to feel sick.

Here's my vaccine story: when we were in the middle of getting Max's autism diagnosed, I was working at a vaccine clinic and someone asked me if her dog was going to become autistic. I almost punched her. I didn't even care about the debate. I did care very much about the difference between her dog and my child. I think I told her if her dog stopped barking she could come back and yell at me and she backed off.


I cannot believe Mersa/MRSA! It's not surprising, sadly, but OMG! We haven't had too many good names lately in our NICU... And the butt conversation is awesome. I hope when I have kids I can answer their questions like you! :)




I seriously DO plan on getting the flu shot/mist thing, as well as Thomas. My husband already got one at work. We tend to be really healthy most of the time, but now that Thomas is in a real elementary school 5 days a week, I am thinking that opens him up to more germs than ever before. And yes - I had a pregnant friend on Facebook ask for advice about the flu shot and EVERYONE told her to GET ONE NOW DO NOT STOP DO NOT COLLECT $200. I mentioned your experience w/ pregnant ladies being very, very sick last year and hopefully that will put the fear of God in her!

Liz S

Could it be Marissa and she said it fast or with an accent?

When one of our docs did his residency in rural Tennisee, he came across some horrid names:

Female (fa-Mahl-ee)

Just to name a few.

I think I'll name my next one Tdap or Arom what do you think?

Brigid Keely

Thanks for the vaccine reminder! I've been seeing signs at Walgreens and CVS for awhile now yet it still manages to slip my mind. I have asthma so getting the Flu is A Very Big Deal for me.


In our local newspaper, they used to do the "Happy 1st Birthday to... _____" ... and we saw a precious little one year old named Latrina. Really?! A derivative of "toilet"?

Thanks for the flu shot reminder. Hubby gets his free through work, but I need to get the kiddos in for theirs, and need to stop by any of the pharmacies/grocery stores for mine too. :)

Amy F

We all went in for flu shots this year but Leo was SUCH A PILL that he ended up without one (with me holding the wiggly toddler, Dan getting his own shot, Peter needing to be talked into it, Leo's screaming and running away = no shot.) The rest of us got orange juice and cookies for our trouble from the school nurse and he screamed THE WHOLE 20 MINUTE DRIVE HOME that he deserved a cookie. Now he'll have to get his shot at the doctor where the adult:kid ratio means we can hold him down and he will certainly not get a cookie.

I would have LOVED to give them the mist instead of all this belly-aching, possible symptoms or not, but they were short and it wasn't an option.

I've been converted to a shot-getter after probably having the flu last winter and being super-miserable. No thanks, I'll pass this time around.

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