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October 05, 2011



Can you (or someone) explain the dining thing to me? I get that they need separate seatings to rotate everyone through, but why would they assign people to sit with you? Do you have to do it that way? And where were your people???


I remember seeing Grease in a drive-in the summer it came out. Which was fun, watching them watch a movie at a drive-in at a drive-in. I was...8? 9? Most of the sex stuff went right over my head.


Loving the cruise recaps! My husband is deploying next summer for a year and I've been thinking about planning a cruise for when he gets back so we'll all have something to look forward to. My girls would be 9 then, from what you saw do you think a cruise would be a fun family thing or is that something better suited to adults only?

I've been reading you forever and how did I not know you had considered living in NC? I'm beyond disappointed. I live in a small town between Chapel Hill and Durham and we could have totally been BFFs!


my question is- are you going to do it again? weve done three cruises, two pre kids and one when we only had one (he was 18 mos at the time) and havent done it since- were waiting for the kids to get bigger because i think we'll bring them along. but we LOVED cruising. curious if you liked this form of vacationing.


You've not mentioned getting seasick, which leads me to believe you did not experience it! Were you worried about it beforehand, and did you prepare with wristbands or patches anything like that? This is the number one thing that worries me about a cruise but yours is sounding like the perfect couple-vacation and making me want to go on one.

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