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October 03, 2011



I am enjoying your cruise reports and am highly jealous of your ziplining adventure! We are, randomly, going on a Carnival cruise to Mexico over Thanksgiving with my husband's family, so your reports are giving me good ideas about what to drin...do on the ship! Glad you had a great time!


Hahaha on the boob pulse. That was a good laugh how you wrote about it!

This sounds so fun. I'd love to do a cruise sometime.

Liz S

Its easy to get off the boat at the port iffffff you aren't attemping to take 300 lbs of school supplies to an orphanage. When I took my Girl Scouts to Encenada, that was our excursion to do some community service. Apparently customs frowns upon that and they can confiscate the stuff. Sooooo I talked with the nice guys on the ship and they re-routed us sort of so that we could roll our huge suitcase past the customs agents without them taking much notice. Once we hired a bus we were good to go. Found the orphanage and gave the supplies to the wonderful kids.

the zip line sounds a bit more fun. ; }


1. I had a mimosa for the first time recently, and I too found it...less thrilling than expected. AND, I'd expected to feel a champagney effect from it, but I don't think there was enough champagne in it for that.

2. "but neither of them seemed to mind the boob feeling"--ha ha!

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