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October 24, 2011



I have read your blog so long. I guess that I qualify as a lurker.. I just want to say that every single time I read your blog that you touch in me in some small way... there are many times that I think-- wow, I wish she lived nearer to me (I live in CA, and am married to an Andrew, but I am a teacher and blood totally grosses me out, oh, and I have two boys)... but you are amazing. Thank you for the job you do. As someone who teaches and works in an often thankless profession, I appreciate your insight and your grace...

Liz S

no anuses but i squeezed a lot of boobs.


Thank you; you were right to post - this is such an important reminder. Every moment is so precious. xoxo

hope you have an easier day today.


Are you sure you win? Are you only counting human anuses?


Thanks for this, and thanks for what you do. After a grueling morning at my son's school, learning of all the heroic things they're doing for him that are not working, and feeling like a failure as a parent, it is good to have something that puts it all in perspective. He's alive, we're alive, he delights us on a daily basis and is smart as a whip, there are many things left to try (including medication, which is probably where we're headed) ... and I have touched NO anuses today, not yet anyway. Though I have rubbed antibiotic ointment on one scrotum.

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