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October 07, 2011


Sarah in Ottawa

That tour sounds AWESOME!

We've been spoiled with behind the scenes stuff. We're in the top tier of one of the loyalty programs, so we've been able to do bridge tours, galley tours and backstage tours at the theatre, all of which are cool. But the REAL dirt is all courtesy of one of my girlfriends. We grew up in the same town and went to University together and she runs the children's program onboard ships. By total fluke, we ended up on one of her ships and she snuck me into crew parties in the bowels of the ship. We've cruised with her since (and are about to again) and it's such a treat!

We've had to see the medical facility several times, sadly. Both of us have gotten strep throat while on vacation, but at least we could get scrips.


Hold it.

Chocolate buffet?


LAUGH? Heavens no. What I am wondering is "Can I sign up for this ahead of time to make ABSOLUTELY SURE I am one of the 16???"


Totally not laughing at you! I would *LOVE* that tour! We did a behind scenes kitchen tour on our cruise (Princes; to Alaska) and it was a highlight. I totally get it!

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