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October 13, 2011



Thanks for the recommendation of the Land's End jeans--I may have to order a pair, especially with the clearance price!

I may be reading this wrong, but when you mentioned something about fearing they were phasing out this style, did you mean that you might want more of them in the future? You could always stockpile a few extra pairs now, save the packing slip, and return them to Sears later on if you end up finding something else you like better. The return policy is VERY generous. I've bought things on clearance for my sons, not wanting to pass up a good deal even if I wasn't sure about sizing for a year or two in the future, then returned them later. I think the longest I've waited to return something was a year and a half, and they always take back my returns and give me a full refund with no fuss.


You can have jeans waists tailored, but it will probably cost you $12 - $25 per pair, depending on where you are and which method is used.


Ditto on Lands' End customer service, it's fantastic! I buy a lot of stuff for my girls and take back what doesn't work to Sears to their Lands' End counter. They've told me that they'll take it back no matter what and they can look back 7 years to find your order to process the return. Any chance one of the Sears Lands' End stores might have the jeans that your SIL recommended?

I have a pair of Buckle jeans. My good single friend drug me in their earlier this year and bought me a pair as I wasn't going to spend $100plus on a pair of jeans. I will say they do look fantastic and the employees there really do help find the right fit for you.

Good luck, jean shopping is a pain. I usually end up with random pairs that I find off various clearance racks.


Just say no to skinny jeans, LOL! I swear jeans are the hardest things to buy!


indi jeans... google it. You can send in your own measurements and specifications. I LIVE in my jeans and I've bought from them twice... wouldn't have used them but I also have a hard-to-fit body and they ROCK!

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