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October 12, 2011



Have you read the earlier Lisa See novels? My favorite by far is Snowflower and the Secret Fan, followed by Peony in Love. I still haven't read Dreams of Joy because I didn't love Shanghai Girls as much as the other two....

They are all disturbing in their own ways....Snowflower is about foot binding....but still...! Hope Dreams of Joy turns out to be better than Shanghai Girls.... My mom has it and I will eventually get around to reading it!


Ethan Frome! Most depressing book EVER. I hate that I read it and finished it!


Frank McCourt was my high school English teacher. LOVED. HIM.

Angela's Ashes is much better in the Audio Book version. In his voice, it's way less depressing.


OMG AND WTF at the vulva?! I have never seen one of those!!! It just looks... almost... lewd!!!

Liz S

I'm glad I could make you feel better about the poor little girl doomed by a horrid name. Vah-gina is still my favorite worst name ever Oh or the baby named *la we just got (that is starla in case you were wondering- god knows I was)

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