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October 20, 2011


kris (lower case)

didn't anyone tell the child that it was not appropriate to carry a kitten around by the neck? really? kids don't know how to do things unless taught. glad the class room stuff went so well.

Liz S

I got to be in the class last year but its not working out this year. Sooo bummed. Enjoy it. And thanks for reading with the kids who aren't quite where they should be. My Keegan is behind in reading. Both my older kids were but by jr high they were reading at a college level so I'm not worried. I think my kids just start slow in that area.


When I saw the twitter picture I really thought that you got them. They are cute and your girls are adorable as always. I forget to check your blog now that twitter is the main-go-to-place for everyone's updates. And carrying a kitten around by the scruff of its neck is usually okay. They go docile because that is how a mother cat carries the kittens around.

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