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October 17, 2011



Most of the money for registrations for marathons goes to on-course support: you need a lot more water and food stations than for a 5K. Plus you tend to get a better shirt. Longer course means more traffic closures, too.

I finished the Disney marathon this past January, and the registration fee was $130+, but they have water/Powerade every two miles; three or four food stops, port-a-potties everywhere, and a TON of entertainment on the course.

Liz S

I just did a TRI (I'm still walking around in disbelief) I didn't organize it but I know the girl who did. It was 70.00. There is the regular stuff food, water, shirts but also the pool rental (I will never do an open water)the porta potties and the police. apparently they cost 20.00 per cop per hour. Oh and the paramedics. They had one at each transition making sure that we were OK before going onto the next portion. So, they are expensive. I kind of like to stick with the cheap 15-25 5K but once I year, I a will pay more for a big event. The bike ride in May and TRI in Sept were just too much fun.

OH, and I do what your friend does. Sensible most days and twice a month i give myself a free day. I usually feel a bit sick and remember why I eat good stuff the rest of the month.

We have to do biometric testing too. I hate the BMI. Hate it hate it hate it. mine is a bit high. But my cholesterol is great, glucose was awesome this year (woo hoo!) and I exercise a lot. So I just ignore it and listen to my dr friend who says "fat fit" is better than "thin and inactive"


That seems really steep for a marathon fee. The marathon here (college town, central IL) is $70-95, depending on how early you register.


Oh, and awesome job on your HDL! I raised mine from 40 to 61 last year, and I was really happy with that. I didn't even know you could get as high as 72!


I just ran the Denver Rock n' Roll Marathon, which was over $100 to participate in...but we got nice technical shirts, great course support, live music, etc. and the Expo the day before was like a big running festival with giveaways and free samples and stuff...I looked at it as paying for the entire experience and from my perspective, it was worth the money!

That said, it was a one-time (or close to) thing- can't say I can marathons very often at that high a price.


Traffic closures. Police. Portapotties.


That is steep! The Toledo Glass City Marathon is something like $70.
Most of the other cost for races besides the what Liz mentioned above go to fund raising for charities.

Jen w

I have to ask, as someone who is trying to lose about 15 lb (without much success!). When you go on vacation and eat all you want, whenever you want, don't you gain some of the weight that you have lost back?? I seem to do well for a while, but if I cheat even for a couple of days I gain quite a bit of the weight back... I have been running, 3-4 days a week. Started running 5K's this summer. I have lost zero lb in the 6 months I've been running. (had never been a runner before). I have been counting calories the past 2 weeks, and hoping that will do the trick. I've heard losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Although it seems to me a lot of people lose weight just by adding exercise. I wish that were the case, but isn't cutting it for me!!!

Jenn in AK

For the PF - the best advice I was given is to stretch the foot several times a day. Stand facing a wall, hands on the wall at shoulder height, affected foot against the wall at an angle (toes up, heel on floor), lean forward and stretch it, holding for a count of 5. You can also put the affected foot back, toes on the floor, heel in the air and stretch it that way. It's the most effective thing I've done.

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