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October 27, 2011



I don't understand that attitude at all. I have a boy and a girl, and my daughter is MUCH closer to my husband than my son is. She even hunts with him while my son has zero interest in it. It used to bug me after my son was born and people said, "Oh now you have the perfect family!" Um, no, having one child of each gender does not make our family perfect in any way.


Also, my sister has 3 girls, and I am insanely jealous of the amount of use she gets out of any article of clothing she purchases for the oldest :)


With 4 girls, I get that crap all the time. Bugs me. Sure, I can complain about not enough bathrooms, but nobody else has the right! Ok, maybe you, with your 3 girls can do it too.


I only have two girls and yet I sometimes get the whole, "Oh, are you going to try for a boy?"

No, we are not. We're done, two girls are perfect for us. I think every family, regardless of the gender of their child(ren) is perfect.

Though I do kind of love that my eight year old daughter will see a family of only boys and say, "That poor mom. She doesn't have a daughter." THen she slips her hand into mine, silently letting me know that she's glad I have a daughter. I am too, kiddo, I am too.


But I don't think the attitude about girls from Shanghai Girls is the same attitude that's being expressed by the mom at Karate. I think Sue, is right. In North America 'a perfect family' is a boy and a girl or some kind of balance of both genders.
As a mom of three boys, I get the same kind of comments all the time. Like, 'poor you', 'are you going to try for a girl?' etc etc.
The older man from the library, that commented to you about passing down the family name - yes, misogynistic. But, those off handed stupid comments from people that have boy/girl families. They're just annoying.

And by the way, having three boys is awesome, and anyone who pities me for having three beautiful boys is an asshat.
And I love reading about your family of three girls, because Thank God there are mothers like you who are raising them not to believe they are princesses waiting for prince charming. Because, boys are NOT interested in being anyone's prince.

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