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September 12, 2011



That note is very sweet!

My son, age 5, is HORRIBLE at naming stuffed animals. His latest, a dog that looks like this http://www.amazon.com/Ty-Beanie-Ballz-Bandit-Dog/dp/B004IAU0OO that he named Woof Woof. He also has a dog named Puppy, and polar bear named Polar. Very original names, don't you think?


We have at least one Catty. Also a Hippo-y, a Tiger-y, a Wolfy, and several Bearys. I am CONSTANTLY trying to convince the kids to name their stuffed animals something better, and the height of their creativity is generally breaking out into colors-y. SIGH.

Though Zane did name his Webkinz monkey "MonkeyBobSteve." So there's that.


So funny about the naming thing. When I was little, I was crazy about naming things, especially since my Grandpa had a farm and there were always cows to name. Everyone was very kind and serious about letting ME name the animals (only grandchild, can you tell?). So that's how my Grandpa ended up with a pair of twin bulls named Tod and Copper. And yes, he called them Tod and Copper!

Such a sweet note from L. What an awesome big sister.


That made me tear up. I love your kids. I LOVE THEM. I HAVE to find a way to meet all of you when we're in Michigan next summer.


Yeah, my son's names for his stuffed animals

Cat: Kitty
Panda bear: Panda
Skunk: Stinky

In Pre K last year they had a Build A Bear mascot and whoever won Star Student took it home for the week. The class named it Rainbow. He received a Build A Bear gift card and he got the EXACT same bear as the class mascot and named it.....yep, Rainbow. Original, isn't he?


That note gives me hope, it really does. I am so impressed...

As far as toy names...we've had some doozies, but my 5yo named a little dog wearing a union soldier's hat (they were giving them out at a memorial day event we went to)...."Bark to the Sold (pronounced solj)." Oh my gosh were we cracking up. He noticed us using hte name too often, so switched it to "Barker Soldier".


That note is SO sweet. What a thoughtful big sister!

When I was pregnant with L, we were tossing around possible names. I loved Lydia, Scott liked Stephanie. A was three and announced one day, "I know! Let's name the baby Floozy!" She had no idea what a "floozy" was, she was just stringing sounds together. But we laughed about that for weeks.

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