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September 13, 2011



If there was ever a moment I was more angry I didn't live right by you, it is now. I want those cupcakes. They look fantastic.

I also can't believe your school lets you bring something homemade. And tasty.

For Julia's birthday, any treats have to be store bought and healthy. Baby carrots? I'm thinking, why bother?

Amy F

I'm on the yuck side of candy corn but pro-sweet-birthday treats. I can live with fun food 18 times. I'm more annoyed that all shared snacks must be from a store. Peter's class now brings individual snacks (but no nuts) so I can send him with crackers and blueberry butter instead of buying a carton of Go-Gurt for the class. For Leo this year, we're supposed to bring snacks for 18 kids at the beginning of each month. So I don't think I can even bring fruit, veggies, or dairy and will pretty much have to bring crackers. I'd prefer they assign each kid to a particular week so we could bring things that aren't shelf-stable. At least we can have peanut-laden food in their lunches.


I think birthdays call for treats, so yay for cupcakes. But I too am surprised you can send in a homemade treat. I always laugh because here anything we send in has to be store bought, but when it is Teacher Appreciation Week we sign up to bring in food that we have cooked. Casseroles, sides, desserts, you name it... weird.


yup has to be store bought here as well which really irks me because I can make cupcakes that not onloy TASTE better than the store bought ones but don't contain ingredients I can't pronounce!


"They're just heels, honey. They can only support so much weight." Classic Lucille Bluth; I wouldn't worry about steering your kids to pick creative pet names, it seems pretty harmless :)

I don't necessarily LOVE the candy corn pumpkins, but given a bag of straight candy corn I would eat it until my teeth hurt.

Jacquie | After Words

It's because I love cupcakes and sweet birthday treats (but not candy corn--yuck!) that I'm anti-chocolate milk. I like to save the sugar for when it really matters.


My kids' schools have been MAJORLY PUSHING "healthy birthday alternatives" this year. As in, it was given to everyone in the open house packet and was sent home again last week. In my daughter's class, someone's birthday was the 1st full week of school and she brought in a giant frosted chocolate chip cookie. So, um, yeah...

I gave my husband the bad news (we usually bring a treat at the end of the school year since my kids both have summer birthdays) and he is sad because the past 2 years he and my daughter have brought in Dunkin Donuts for the class. I like to be a rule follower though so we will be giving the kids Peppermint scented Smencils this year. I am going to talk to both kids' teachers and see if we can celebrate their half birthdays instead so the "treat" seems more appropriate.


My son's school has put the kibosh on ANY treats for b-days. "You can bring in pencils or other non-edible treats!"


And those cupcakes look awesome.


Our school lets us send a birthday treat as long as you also send a "healthy alternative". I always send a bag of baby carrots with whatever treat I make and honestly, the kids have always eaten both. I think it's a pretty good compromise.


The cupcakes look delicious, and yes, vaguely boob-like. We love to make those peanut butter cookies with the Hershey's kiss in the middle and in our house they are refereed to as "boob cookies" - because that is what they look like.

I am in the anti-chocolate milk camp for school but in the pro-sweet birthday treat camp in general. I think the birthday parties that we have been to where the parents make some healthy thing that they call "cake" and proudly proclaim that "Johnny has never had sugar!" are lame. And I am totally opposed to the "must be store bought" rules. I absolutely refuse to buy something I could make myself. That said, my kids both have rather severe food allergies so I wouldn't mind it if the school banned birthday treats of all kinds: sweet or otherwise and left the cake to our party at home. Unfortunately I will probably never be able let my kids eat anything at school unless it was provided by me. Right now their preschool has a pretty good policy. The chef there will bake them a special "sweetish" (like banana muffins) allergy-free afternoon snack for the whole class. They stick a candle in it and sing happy birthday. Kids are happy and I don't have to make or bring anything!

Also I think that "Sugar. I like it." would make a good blog.


In a notice to parents sent out every year my kids' school suggests sending in pencils for birthday treats. Then they add that pencils are a good idea because "they are a school that promotes literacy". Um, yeah, I kind of thought all schools did that. And no matter how cute the decorations on them are, I have yet to see a kid get excited about getting a freakin' pencil for a birthday goody.


I actually just saw one of the comments above and I should add that "Smencils" probably would be appreciated but at $1.00 each in my local toy store, I am too cheap to buy 26 of them.


Amy-I got a deal on Amazon that put them at $.50 each. Still a little spendy, but there were enough for both kids to use for their "treat" and they were all the same scent so no fighting amongst the kids. I found it at www.wantnot.net.

I forgot to add that I am anti-candy corn. Just yuck! Kids love it though!


There is nothing more exciting about fall than those pumpkins coming back into stores. Luckily, no one in my family likes them, so I never have to share. I can easily eat 5 bags by myself over October and November.

Liz S

You can take all the candy corns you want and do what ever you want with them. I am in the hate them category. i also support you with your chocolate milk and I have a masters degree with a nutrition emphasis to back it up.

And no, apple bites for birthday treat no bueno. I do always have some healthy options with my birthday party fare, but what is a party for anyway?!!!!


Robbie loves them. I am not quite in the hate them category - more in the "You love them, so you can have them, more for you that way" camp.

birthdays should have sweets. Period.

Amy F

I just remembered that Leo had to bring non-food for preschool birthday "treats" and my favorite were curly straws. Those are actually fun, and cheap at Dollar Tree. Ithink we brought pinwheels, which were a bigger hit than I expected.

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